ASWAQ6: The best Arabic ERP solution in the Middle East

ASWAQ6: The best Arabic ERP solution in the Middle East
You no longer have to choose between quality and functionality! ASWAQ6 stands head to head with international ERP solutions in quality and attention to fine details while keeping a clear advantage to Arab decision makers and users. ASWAQ6 was designed from the ground up for the way business is run in the Middle East, so you can rest assured that the functionality you require to run your local business is met. In addition, Ajyal understands the importance of after sales services in business solutions and adapts a clear strategy that protects your investments and assures you a continuous upgrade path. Read more..

Keeping up with the Changing Regulations of Accounting

Keeping up with the Changing Regulations of Accounting
Continuous development should be characteristic for successful ERP implementations. Changes to recommended accounting procedures and taxation laws require accounting applications to enjoy flexibility and openness in order to be able to keep up with these changes and avoid obsolesce. This article explains some of these changes, and why business software should keep up if it is to benefit decision makers and users.   Read it..

Ajyal HelpDesk is Around the Corner!

Ajyal HelpDesk is Around the Corner!
Ajyal is about to release its HelpDesk; a web application dedicated to customer service. Through this site, Ajyal clients will finally enjoy many exiting new services. Clients can download latest releases of ASWAQ6 and ASWAQ5, and can interact with Ajyal developers through interactive and transparent requests for enhancements or wish lists. User will also be able to place and track issues with their service centers to troubleshoot their implementations or request help and assistance. In addition, Ajyal plans on providing a user forum for user to interact with each other in a free, friendly and transparent environment.   Read it..

ASWAQ4 Users: Now is a great time to upgrade to ASWAQ5!

ASWAQ4 Users: Now is a great time to upgrade to ASWAQ5!
If you have been using ASWAQ3 or ASWAQ4; now is a great time to upgrade to ASWAQ5. ASWAQ5 contains all the functionality of its ancestors plus significant efficiency and reliability gains. Users of ASWAQ 4.5 and ASWAQ 4.9 do not even need to migrate their databases and can start enjoying new benefits and features as soon as they upgrade. ASWAQ3 and ASWAQ4 users can migrate their databases using included easy to use tools. In addition, ASWAQ5 supports all modern hardware and operating systems. Do not inhibit yourself with legacy systems, upgrade now and reap the benefits immediately. Read more..
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Ajyal In GITEX-Riyadh Exhibition

Riyadh : 2012-05-09

GITEX-Riyadh Exhibition, will start in Riyadh during the period from 21 to 24 May 2012.   Read it..

Ajyal Announces Release 75-895

Cairo : 2011-12-18

Ajyal Development Department announces the immediate availability of ASWAQ6 release 75-895.    Read it..
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