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This area is dedicated to articles and papers about business software, ERP solutions, and accounting programs and their use in Arab speaking countries. This area is deliberately free of any advertising or promotional material about Ajyal products and services. The site managers invite all professionals and subject matter experts to participate through articles and white papers related to business software and the application of IT solutions in businesses at large. To participate click here..

Methodology and Factors of Success

By  : Mohamed Alfiky

The last ten years have witnessed the efforts and research of large engineering systems and the build programs and applications has been used the term SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, Indication of the methods that have emerged and many methodologies for building applications as well as systems developed a range of software to help build those systems automatically has named those types of software packages on behalf of CASE (it is shortcut for COMPUTER AIDED SOFTWARE ENGINEERING).   Read it..

Financial Ratio Analysis

By  : Waleed Nabeih

Financial managers are always asking about how to read and apply Financial Ratios to analysis, and how to turn these rations into useful information to decision makers. Although many software packages nowadays are able to produce useful financial rations with minimal manual efforts, good financial analysts know that preparing the ratios is just the first step. What really matters is how to understand the indications behind these rations.   Read it..

After sales services in ERP solutions and accounting applications

By  : Yaser Gad

After sales services is the services software vendors or value added resellers (VARS) commit themselves to after the delivery and installation of ERP solutions or accounting and business management software. Without these services, clients and users cannot utilize the software optimally and maximize its benefits. Any company that acquires an ERP solution, or even a basic accounting program, expects clear return on investment in the form of accurate and timely decision support information and reports. This article sheds light on the nature and importance of after sale services in maximizing the benefits of business management software.   Read it..

The Skills Required for Successful ERP implementations

By  : Ameer Hussein

With the widespread use of IT solutions in business management; organizations need to look deeper into acquiring the necessary human skills for ERP implementations to succeed. Unfortunately, small and medium sized businesses in the Middle East tend to underestimate the importance of the human factor in establishing successful business management software. This article attempts to analyze the business environment from an IT perspective and recommends certain actions and measures to be taken to secure these skills.   Read it..

Keeping up with the Changing Regulations of Accounting

By  : Waleed Nabeih

Continuous development should be characteristic for successful ERP implementations. Changes to recommended accounting procedures and taxation laws require accounting applications to enjoy flexibility and openness in order to be able to keep up with these changes and avoid obsolesce. This article explains some of these changes, and why business software should keep up if it is to benefit decision makers and users.   Read it..

Professionally Implementing ERP solutions, Why is it so Important?

By  : Waleed Nabeih

The implementation of ERP solutions is a group of activities and duties that should be executed once the solution is acquired to prepare it for use in a production environment. In includes building and preparing workflow and document and accounting cycles, in addition to designing automated procedures and integrated interfaces between different modules and functions. This article sheds light on these activities and explains why they cannot be taken lightly.   Read it..

The New Standard for Financial Statements

By  : Waleed Nabeih

The new standard recommendation for financial statements is an evolution over its former counterpart. It introduces a new way of enlisting and classifying the contents of these statements in a manner that helps readers and analyzers read the figures and what's beneath them. It also helps with comparisons between different fiscal years, and deviations from industry or business specific ratios and ratings. This article sheds light on the formation and content of financial statements according to the new recommendations.   Read it..

Accounting for the inventory in ERP packages and accounting software

By  : Ameer Hussein

For trading organizations, the value of the inventory and cost of sales arise as the most important figures in the financial statements, and most crucial for the organization's success and prosperity. For this reason, an organization's ability to value inventory and cost of sales correctly is vital for proper decision making. This article tackles the methodologies and approaches adapted by business applications in addressing this important issue.   Read it..
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