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The Markets of the Middle East are not short of ERP solutions and accounting programs. Many of the solutions available are locally developed solutions that enjoy high quality and professional design. However, there is a real shortage of informational websites that focus on ERP & Business software and provide real high quality content that helps users and decision makers choose the right product and maximize its benefits once acquired. There are many aspects related to business software that need to be explained and published, specially in Arabic, as the web is full of such information in English and other languages.
In a nutshell, the managers of this site could not find a single Arabic website that provides neutral, objective, scientific and high quality content about ERP & accounting software.
Taking the lead and attempting to be a focal point for these issues, Ajyal started this area in hope that more professionals and experts will soon join and participate more material. Ajyal will not be able to carry on updating this area on its own and without help from Business Software and ERP experts in our area. We therefore invite all those who would like to participate to send us their material for publishing in this area.
Please abide by the following rules while submitting your material:
  1. The site managers have the right to decline any material. If a material is declined, its author will be informed via email.
  2. Each article is published under its author's name.
  3. The author is held liable for his material. Ajyal publishes the material without any responsibility regarding its content.
  4. Please send one file with a maximum size of 1 MB. Types allowed are PDF, DOC, and RTF. No other file types are allowed.
  5. If an article is accepted for publishing, the author will be contacted via email to obtain a digital photograph and a very brief CV.
  6. If the site editors found the article needs modifications, they will modified it and email it to the author for final approval. Any article will not be published until finally approved by its author.
  7. Please fill in all the fields in the form below, and then click send to send your article. Please note that you have to fill in all fields.

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