ASWAQ5 : General Ledger

ASWAQ5 includes a robust and high performance general ledger module that integrates naturally and seamlessly with all the other modules and can handle millions of transactions and entries with utmost efficiency and stability.

Extremely flexible chart of accounts

The chart of accounts can branch hierarchically up to 9 levels! ASWAQ5 does not impose any rules on accounts coding system. Implementers and users can choose accounts codes in any way or form they like. Opening foreign currency accounts is a snap, while ASWAQ5 provides enough facilities to re-evaluate foreign currency local equivalent with proper reflections to exchange rate profit and loss.
Balances in the chart of accounts

Balances In ASWAQ5

Fully Supports Cost and Profit Centers

In ASWAQ5, cost centers allow tracking profits of subsidiary activities within the accounting unit, such as tracking certain project or branch. Implementers can create cost centers branched hierarchically up to 5 levels and ASWAQ5 will simply generate financial statements and reports for any cost center.

Logical and Sensible Voucher Entry Windows

Ability to reverse accounting documents in ASWAQ5

Reverse Documents in ASWAQ5

ASWAQ5 provides a very logical approach to voucher entry. The data entry windows resemble printed vouchers, while users are given complete freedom in moving among the document, adding accounting and narrations per line or on the documents as a whole. Transactions can take place in local or foreign currency, and ASWAQ5 handles exchange rate and currency relations seamlessly.

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