ASWAQ5 : Employees and Payroll

ASWAQ5 contains a flexible employees and payroll module that keeps track of employees' basic information and allows seamless monthly payroll generation.

Comprehensive File for Every Employee

Employees file in ASWAQ5 contains all useful information about each employee

Part Of Employees File

ASWAQ5 is providing comprehensive base of information about each employee. The system generates many reports concerning the organization and its relations with governmental authorities.
In addition, a complete archive of each employee's pictures and documents can be stored and printed, on demand, through ASWAQ5.

Flexible Payroll Definition and Generation

ASWAQ5 can handle unlimited number of payroll components. Certain components can be linked to defined employees or groups.
ASWAQ5 provides variety in calculating & generating employees payroll

Part Of A Salary Document

In addition, ASWAQ5 allows many value calculation methods including chaining components together. The accounting effect can be defined for each component separately, and quantified components, like overtime, are easily handled.
ASWAQ5 contains a simple, yet powerful payroll generation module that will automatically generate monthly salary documents. The generated documents can be edited manually for further control.

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