ASWAQ5 : Sales and Customers

ASWAQ5 contains a powerful system for sales management that provides all the procedures and tasks required to track sales transactions and control sales prices, terms and other necessary tasks.

Several Pricing Policies

ASWAQ5 allows variant pricing rules for customers

Pricing Rules In ASWAQ5

ASWAQ5 provide many pricing policies. User can specify up to five price levels for each item and each measurement unit. Customers may be linked to these pricing levels where the program pops up the suitable price in order entry and invoicing.
Furthermore, discount levels, or minimum prices can be defined for individual salesmen or users for ASWAQ5 to reject sales below these parameters. ASWAQ5 also includes a complete procedure for automatically calculating items prices based on user definable formulas that may be applied to a group of item as once.

Complete Sales Targets Follow-up

Sales targets can be defined for each item, salesman, and customer. Through ASWAQ5 windows and functions, managers can track target achievement rates to take proper corrective decisions.
You can set targets or expectations for your sales & let ASWAQ5 study their progress for you!!

Sales Statistics In ASWAQ5

In addition, ASWAQ5 provides additional financial limits in respect to customers including credit limit and payment period. These limits are enforced while invoicing to guarantee proper application of company policy.

Sufficient Documents Covering All Sales Activities

ASWAQ5 contains all necessary sales documents including sales quotations, sales orders, invoices and returns. These documents can be easily linked together in a chain that saves time and effort. For instance, while editing a sales invoice, user can easily recall a specific sales order or quotation and ASWAQ5 will construct the invoice based on its upper document.

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