What is the price of ASWAQ6?

The price of ASWAQ6 varies greatly depending on many configuration parameters like the number of users, sites and modules. In addition, the services Ajyal provide with ASWAQ6 vary from one country to the other. You can always contact our nearest branch for a proposal and a price quotation that our professionals will prepare after studying your needs.

Does the price of ASWAQ6 depend on the modules I use?

Yes. ASWAQ6 is composed of many modules. Clients usually choose the modules they wish to implement. Please note the price of a certain configuration also depends on the number of users. You can always contact our nearest branch for a proposal and a price quotation that our professionals will prepare after studying your needs.

Does ASWAQ6 implement any measures to counter piracy?

Yes. ASWAQ6 uses a protection device -dongle- as an anti-piracy measure.

What is the relation between user count and modules used? Do I specify the user count for each individual module?

There is no direct relation between user count and modules used. The user count you choose will apply to all modules. In other words, if you buy a 10 users license, then 10 users can use any licensed module.

Why don't you offer a downloadable evaluation version of ASWAQ6 in your website?

Integrated ERP products or business software like ASWAQ6 cannot be evaluated in a manner similar to evaluating a virus scanner or a photo organizer. There are many inter-related and co-dependent procedures and functions that should be setup professionally for users to reap its benefits. Using ASWAQ6 is always preceded by a stage called "implementation". During this phase, business process engineers study the business nature and flow and "implement" it in ASWAQ6. The implementation phase takes considerable effort and time and should be done by professionals and subject matter experts. In addition, it is quite difficult to use ASWAQ6 without introductory training as a minimum. Always remember that business software is very different from desktop applications and utilities and cannot be treated the same.
For these reasons, Ajyal does not offer an evaluation version of its products. You may, however, contact our nearest branch. Our professionals will be glad to sketch draft an environment that resembles yours and help you try it out.

Does the price of ASWAQ6 include training, implementation, and other services?

Proposals Ajyal offer are usually broken down to individual products and services. If you prefer to receive a single figure quotation, Ajyal will honor your request.

Do I get a warrantee when I acquire ASWAQ6?

Yes. All Ajyal products come with one year warrantee. You may also extend the warrantee period for an additional fee.

What services does the warrantee include?

The warrantee includes upgrades and technical support services. You get all upgrades done to the product, and you may ask for technical support if you face trouble or if you need assistance.

After the warrantee expires, how do I continue to receive support and upgrade services?

Ajyal offers annual and bi-annual service agreements that effectively extend the warrantee.

What is the cost of the service agreements?

The fees of an annual service agreement are 20% of the price of your configuration of ASWAQ6.

Does ASWAQ6 require operating systems that support Arabic language?

Using operating systems that support Arabic is recommended but not strictly required. If the operation system does not support Arabic, ASWAQ6 will de-activate its Arabic interface and bilingual features.

Do I need to hire computer professionals to use ASWAQ6 in my business?

You do not need to hire computer professionals for ASWAQ6 day to day activities. ASWAQ6 is easy to use and has a consistent and clear user interface. Ajyal also train all users before they start actually using the system.
If you plan on linking remote branches using Mirsal or Terminal Services, it is highly recommended to have at least one computer professional with decent knowledge on operating system and connectivity setup and troubleshooting. The level of knowledge required is similar to that asserted with the ICDL internationally recognized certificate. Read more about ICDL here.
If you have or plan on having a VPN network, or plan to connect your branches with DSL lines or lease lines, we recommend securing the necessary skills to setup and troubleshoot these services and to coordinate with its providers.

Do you use Microsoft Replication Services to link remote offices?

No. Ajyal has developed its own unique technology for that purpose. Out technology integrates smoothly with ASWAQ6 and are 2 to 4 times faster than similar services of Microsoft SQL Server.

Can I use Microsoft Terminal Service or Citrix Metaframe to bring my remote offices online?

Yes, ASWAQ6 fully supports these terminal services. Actually Ajyal recommends using these solutions to link remote offices if you can secure DSL or lease line connectivity with your branches.

I have many users who cannot read Arabic, can they still use ASWAQ6?

Yes. ASWAQ6 is fully bilingual. Non-Arabs can use ASWAQ6 in English, side by side with Arabic users at the same time and on the same database.

I want to install ASWAQ6 in many branches or companies that I own. Do I need to buy a license for each branch?

Ajyal offers multi-branch and multi-company licenses on demand.

What is the programming language used to develop ASWAQ6?

Like any large scale application, ASWAQ6 was developed with many languages and tools. Almost 50% of ASWAQ6 is written in C/C++, 40% in CA-Visual Objects 2.7, and the remaining 10% with different scripting languages.
The tools our developers currently use are:

What is the database ASWAQ6 uses?

ASWAQ uses Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or later. MSSQL Server is the fastest growing database today. For more information on MSSQL Server, click here..
Ajyal is also working on supporting Oracle databases and expect to ship an Oracle version of ASWAQ6 during 2006.

How much data can ASWAQ6 handle? Will it slow down as the data volume increases?

ASWAQ6 does not impose certain limitations on the database size. In addition, ASWAQ6 was designed to handle increasing volumes of data without slowing down to an unusable state.

I was using another software and now I'm converting to ASWAQ6. Will you migrate my data from the older system to ASWAQ6?

Yes, our technical staff can usually do that. Please note that in some rare cases, we are unable to migrate the data if we cannot obtain enough technical information about the database. In general, Ajyal will make sure it can migrate the data before committing to this task.

Do you offer data entry services?

No. Ajyal does not offer data entry services.

How do I increase the users count, or modules in my license?

You can always order new users licenses or new modules to be added to your license. Ajyal charges for these added licenses according to its price list.

I have hired new employees, how to I get them training on ASWAQ6?

All our branches schedule regular training courses. You may enroll your staff in any of these courses. Ajyal charges nominal training fees in this case.

If I needed a modification in ASWAQ6 will you do that for me? And how much will you charge me in this case?

ASWAQ6 is a readymade application. This means Ajyal does not modify the source code of ASWAQ6 for each client individually. For this reason we offer all our customers upgrade services, and you can assure the quality of the product because it has been used by many others before you.
On the other hand, Ajyal development process is customer oriented and open ended. Ajyal regularly enhances ASWAQ6 based on users' suggestions and requests. You can read more about Ajyal development strategy here..

If I ordered ASWAQ today, when can I start to actually use it?

This depends on the amount of work needed to bring you online. Using ASWAQ6 is usually preceded by implementation, training, and initial data entry. This period is usually referred to as the "implementation" phase and can take several weeks and in some extreme cases a few months. Generally speaking, most clients can start data entry within two months from installation date and can start receiving financial statement after three month from installation date.

Can I design my reports myself, or do I have to have professionals design it for me?

ASWAQ6 contains as advanced report designer that allows you to modify existing reports, or add new ones. However, Designing reports is a technical issue that requires descent knowledge about databases and data structures, in addition to some programming basics. This is why the level of expertise required for designing reports in much higher than the expertise required to operate the rest of ASWAQ6.
It's worth mentioning that many ASWAQ6 users design reports by themselves. In addition, Ajyal offers advanced training courses and workshops on its report designer. Finally, you can always ask Ajyal professionals to design new reports for you, or assist you in designing them. Note however that is not a free service.

Can I print invoices and other documents directory from ASWAQ6? What should I do?

Yes, you can print any document that ASWAQ6 contains, and in any form you like. If you have a predefined form that you use, our professionals will implement it for you in ASWAQ6. Our professional can also suggest certain best practice forms for you. Note that form design is an implementation service that Ajyal usually handle as part of the implementation phase.

Can I print barcode labels and price tags directly from ASWAQ6?

Yes. ASWAQ6 includes a flexible and extremely fast support for printing barcodes and price tags if you have a barcode printer, this service requires professional setup and is usually a part of the implementation services.

Can I send payroll figures to my bank electronically from ASWAQ6?

Yes, ASWAQ6 supports this feature. Ajyal professionals can setup ASWAQ6 to output payroll files according to different banks requirements. This service requires professional setup and is usually a part of the implementation services.

Can I reconcile my bank statements electronically?

Yes, ASWAQ6 supports this feature. This service requires professional setup and is usually a part of the implementation services.

If I run into trouble while using ASWAQ6, what should I do?

Contact the technical support of our nearest branch, or place an issue through Ajyal HelpDesk. Our support professionals will help you to troubleshoot whatever difficulties you're facing. If the troubles you're facing turns out to be a problem with the software itself, the support professional following up with you will contact the software development department. Ajyal takes software defects or bugs very seriously and will issue a fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, you'll be informed of any possible workarounds until you receive the fix.

If I need help to close my books during yearend, will you help me?

Yes. We consider assisting users with periodic tasks and seasonal procedures part of technical support duties. We assist via telephone & fax, remote using, or onsite visits if necessary.

I think I found a bug in ASWAQ6, what should I do?

Contact technical support immediately. Our professionals will analyze your findings and contact Ajyal software development department for further analysis. Ajyal takes software defects or bugs very seriously and will issue a fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, you'll be informed of any possible workarounds until you receive the fix.

How do you offer technical support services? Will you visit my offices, or do I have to visit you?

We offer our services via online web applications, phone & fax, remote using, and onsite visits if necessary. Ajyal has developed a special application to connect and control clients' machines -with their permission- without having to visit them in person.
Please note that technical support services are provided to clients within the warrantee period, or those covered by a service agreement.

My computers failed and I cannot get to my data! Will you help me recover from this situation?

We are committed to providing our clients with technical support without any regard to the reason of the problems. We will do our best to recover corrupted databases, but we cannot guarantee the outcome. Note that we strongly recommend all our clients should establish periodic backup procedures to backup ASWAQ6 databases. These backups will be used in case the running database is corrupted beyond repair. Note that our support professionals can help in establishing the backup procedure but users themselves should follow these procedures and make sure backups are intact. These services are provided to clients within the warrantee period, or those covered by a service agreement. Finally, please note that Ajyal is not liable for any data loss you might suffer.

Are there any tools that can help me recover corrupted databases?

Yes, there are such tools. Actually our support professionals may use these tools while trying to recover corrupted databases. You may read more about recovering corrupted SQL Server databases here..

I have branches in many cities, how will you support these branches?

The closest Ajyal office to each of your branches does so. Ajyal offices will coordinate among themselves if they need to do so. Ajyal operates as one company and adapts a teamwork mentality.

Do you offer material to master ASWAQ6, or do I have to always rely on your staff?

Ajyal believes that a wide base of advanced professional users fosters a suitable ground for its own growth and prosperity, and helps Ajyal achieve its mission statement. Ajyal organized periodic advanced courses and workshops that help power users, implementers, and IT administrators master ASWAQ6 implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

What are the future developments that will happen to ASWAQ6?

ASWAQ6 is under heavy and active development. More features and modules will be added. The whole process of additions and enhancements is customer oriented inline with Ajyal development strategy. Ajyal HelpDesk contains a section that allows user to monitor ongoing enhancements developments, and suggest and vote for certain additions and enhancements.

If I acquired ASWAQ6 today, will I have the right to upgrade to future versions of ASWAQ?

Yes. Upgrading clients is an Ajyal policy and tradition. We actually have customers who started with ASWAQ1 in 1991 and ASWAQ3 in 1995. Note that upgrades to the same product or to a product with similar module set are usually free of charge in warrantee period and for clients covered with a service agreement. On the other hand, acquiring new modules or new applications is usually offered for very special prices to existing clients.

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