ASWAQ6: The Best Arabic ERP Solution in the Middle East

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ASWAQ6 is designed exclusively to serve Arab users and decision makers. With a rich set of features and functions, ASWAQ6 covers the needs of local businesses and empowers decision makers to take the right decisions in managing their business. With its unique user interface, it provides a convenient and productive environment where users can manage business information effectively and effortlessly.
ASWAQ6 builds over the success of its ancestors ASWAQ5, ASWAQ4 & ASWAQ3, and the experience we've gained in our fruitful relationship with thousands of users in the area over a whole decade.
See ASWAQ6 for yourself to discover that it stands head to head with international applications in quality and attention to details, while maintaining its fundamental advantage, that is being build for the local market. When you get ASWAQ6, you don't just get an accounting application, you also get a company that stands firmly behind it. Our qualified professionals will help you all the way in implementation, training, and technical support services.
ASWAQ6 includes all the functionality needed in the Middle East Area. It includes General Ledger - Inventory Management - Sales - Purchases - Fixed Assets - Human Resources - Cash Managements -Job Orders -Letters of Credit - Point of Sales. In addition, it supports remote branches via Mirsal; a replication utility tightly integrated within ASWAQ6, that transfers and merges data using modem lines, or magnetic/laser discs.
These pages contain a wealth of information about ASWAQ6. You may navigate using the menu to your left. You will find a dedicated FAQ section that answers many frequently asked questions, in addition to some information about the technical internals of ASWAQ6. You may as well download part of ASWAQ6 manual to see for yourself some of the fine details that set ASWAQ6 apart from its competitors.
To see ASWAQ6 in action, or to arrange for a live demo, please call our nearest branch. A team of qualified professionals is ready and able to answer all your inquiries.
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