ASWAQ6: Inventory Control

Efficient control over inventory is vital for a trading organization to succeed. ASWAQ6 contains a module that is extremely rich in features and capabilities to achieve just that! Nevertheless, most of the features included in this module are optional; an organization may choose to implement the exact subset that suits its needs.

Extensive Information & Great Capabilities

ASWAQ6 allows various pricing policies, that cover all needs..

Part of Pricing Rules in ASWAQ6

ASWAQ6 can handle service items, assemblies and kits, and manufactured products. Items can be coded using up to 36 alphanumeric characters, with three different units of measurements, and an individual barcode for each unit. ASWAQ6 efficiently handles two dimensional items, products with expiry dates, items with serial numbers and multi-colored or multi-sized items. Users can specify many alternatives for each item, view these alternatives, and choose among them while editing documents. User can also attach any number of pictures for every item and easily navigate between them and include them in catalogues and printed documents.

A True Multi-Warehouse System

ASWAQ6 can open and handle up to 999 warehouses while various items can be allowed to move in and out of warehouses. In addition, ASWAQ6 offers instant access to individual and aggregate quantities per warehouse and allows users to define minimum and maximum levels per warehouse or on the organization level.
ASWAQ6 supports multiple warehouses up to 999..

Multiple Warehouses Management in ASWAQ6

Perpetual Inventory = Accurate Financial Statements

ASWAQ6 seamlessly handles inventory related GL reflections. With every inventory entry that takes place, ASWAQ6 will carry out the proper GL effect on inventory and cost of sales accounts. Accordingly, financial statements will always contain accurate and up-to-date information and users do not need to carry out labor intensive, or time consuming operations to reach proper inventory and cost of sales values.

Well-bonded Documents

Inventory documents covers all inventory activities..

Integrity of Inventory Documents in ASWAQ6

ASWAQ6 contains all fundamental stock management documents. Issue, receipt and transfer vouchers, are all distinguished by great capabilities, and can handle very lengthy documents. As a natural result for ASWAQ6 thorough integration, each document carries its proper GL effect once posted, without further user intervention.

Physical Stock Taking In Minutes, not Days!

ASWAQ6 can automatically issue documents to adjust discrepancies between book and physical values once actual quantities are fed in. ASWAQ6 interfaces to hand-held data collection terminals, read and aggregate their data, and feed it instantly into its files and documents. Therefore, saving users a tremendous amount of effort and time, and providing better accuracy in handling discrepancies.
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