ASWAQ6: Job Order Processing

The Job Order Processing module, with its various functions and features, provides simple and productive environment for manufacturers, workshops and service organizations. It also includes many features that enable tracking long term commercial and service contracts.

Accurate Estimation of Production Cost

ASWAQ6 can accurately calculate the estimated cost of a particular production process, using various manufacturing elements entered in the bill of material including raw materials, labor hours, and machines hours, therefore allowing managers to take right decisions in terms of pricing and delivery.

Tracking Production Plans and Deviation from Estimated Costs

ASWAQ6 tracks the production process with all its aspects, including raw materials, and labor/machines operation hours. Instantly, managers and production supervisors can view progress indicators, raw material and labor usage, and deviation from planned resource allocation and cost. With simple controls, users can re-evaluate overall production cost based on latest raw material prices, and labor and machine rates.
Job order processing facilitates allocating direct labour on individual job orders

Part of Direct Labour Document

Tracking Resource Utilization

ASWAQ6 tracks labor and machine resource allocation and utilization through dedicated documents. It can produce, on demand, labor and machine capacity utilization and idle time reports.

Supports Build-to-Order, and Build-to-Stock Processes

ASWAQ6 supports linking the manufacturing process to a certain customer order, and therefore tracks delivery in addition to manufacturing. It also supports manufacturing directly to inventory in a manner completely integrated with the inventory module.

Supports Long Term Contracts

ASWAQ6 can track products and services delivery contracts with customers. This facility integrates with both inventory and sales modules. It also provides capabilities for periodically invoicing customers based on delivery of services and products.

Complete Support to Service Centers Activities

ASWAQ6 can track repetitive elements in job orders such as cars service workshops and electronic appliances maintenance centers. It enables users to generate detailed reports containing repair history, and warrantee related issues.
Job orders module facilitates tracking individual jobs progress and deviation

Part of Job Order Progress Window

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