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The lack of suitable infra structure to connect remote branches and offices poses a real technical challenge to businesses in many Arab countries. Suitable connectivity solutions in most of the Middle East are nonexistent or prohibitively expensive.
Mirsal Easily Connects Your Company Branches Together

Mirsal Easily Connects Your Company Branches Together

Mirsal is the comprehensive solution to this problem. As a replication middleware, Mirsal allows remote branches to operate autonomously, while Mirsal itself operates in the background "shipping" or transferring data entered and modified in each location to the other locations. Mirsal can operate with commodity communication equipment like telephone lines and low speed DSL lines, therefore addressing the issue of remote branch connectivity in a practical and cost effective manner.

State of the Art Technology

Ajyal has invested a tremendous amount of time and effort in developing a modern, resilient, and exceptionally fast database communication infrastructure for the sole purpose of replicating ASWAQ6 databases.

Smooth Integration with ASWAQ6

Integration Between Mirsal & ASWAQ6

Integration Between Mirsal & ASWAQ6

As a technology developed solely for ASWAQ6, Mirsal integrates smoothly within ASWAQ6 itself, and does not require deep technical knowledge to maintain it or to monitor its activities.
Mirsal and ASWAQ6 cooperate silently to replicate disparate locations data behind the scenes. Users do not need to undertake any lengthy or complicated procedures outside ASWAQ6 itself to setup, monitor, or control Mirsal. At the same time, ASWAQ6 itself knows about database replication and will enforce certain conflict avoidance measures that guarantees smooth and collision free data manipulation in all connected sites.
Mirsal and ASWAQ6 do not treat branches as disconnected data islands. Mirsal actively merges the data of all sites in order to appear as one connected and coherent entity in the head office and each remote location as well. For example, once a new stock item is added to ASWAQ6 database in a remote site, all other sites as well as the head office may operate on that stock item exactly as if it were fed locally. Similarly, once a report has been modified in a certain site, all other sites will immediately be able to see the changes and use it once replication is done.

Robust and Tolerant

A communication tool that relies on public communication networks has to expect the worst! Mirsal does exactly that. Because public communication networks don't guarantee the quality or availability of the service, Mirsal incorporates robustness features to insure delivery of updates. For instance, Mirsal checks correct delivery of its messages after transmission and receiving. In addition, Mirsal ensures messages integrity using a modern technology called "Digital Signature". According to that technology the sender "signs" the message with a certain code. The receiver on the other side of the link re-computes the signature to make sure the message was delivered correctly without errors or tampering.
Public communication networks are subjected to interruptions from time to time. Mirsal can recover from these situations gracefully because once the communication link comes to life again, Mirsal automatically sends and receives all replication jobs that should have been sent or received as if the link never got interrupted.
Since Mirsal is dealing with highly sensitive financial data, it encrypts all messages before sending with a modern encryption algorithm. The message can be decrypted only at the receiving end. System administrators can control the encryption pass phrase. Clients wishing to tighten security even more can run Mirsal within an SSL secured, or encrypted VPN umbrella.

Efficient and Swift

Ajyal has developed its own compression and communication infrastructure for use in Mirsal. With these modern, state of the art technologies, Mirsal is able to transfer and merge database changes with utmost speed and efficiency. In fact, the testing and usability labs of Ajyal have shown that Mirsal is able to transfer and merge changes four times as fast as Microsoft SQL Server replication services. This speed and efficiency translate into less cost and more convenience for users.

Adaptive and Mute

Setting Communication Method Per Each Site

Setting Communication Method Per Each Site

Mirsal does not need a permanent communication link to do its chores. It can establish dialup connectivity when it needs to transfer and merge data - every hour for example. Once data transfer is completed, Mirsal will terminate the connection saving users significant cost and resources. If a more advanced communication mean becomes available, a DSL line for instance, Mirsal is able to take advantage of it by replicating more often -every five minutes for example- thus narrowing the data visibility delay and brining users to a "near online" state. While doing all these highly technical complicated issues, Mirsal is completely mute and non-disruptive. Users do not need to interrupt their daily operations in any way for Mirsal to carry out its transfer and merge duties.

Easy to Control and Monitor

Mirsal control and monitor function are tightly integrated within ASWAQ6 itself. This allows system administrators to monitor and control its activities from within the same familiar interface of ASWAQ6. As a result of being tightly integrated, Mirsal user interface is completely bi-lingual and easy to use. Most of Mirsal monitor and control functions do not require deep technical knowledge.
Mirsal : Easy to use & control

Easy to use & control

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