ASWAQ6: Point of Sale Management

Point of sale applications are distinguished by a unique operating environment that is fundamentally different from the environment that hosts back-office business applications. Many of the concepts and methodologies used in back-office environment are completely inappropriate for POS applications, and hinder users from serving customers effectively. ASWAQ6 understands the uniqueness of POS systems' environment, and provides a POS module that is both appropriate and customizable.

Point of Sale Interface the Way it should be

The POS user interface in ASWAQ6 was designed specifically for that purpose, and is completely different from the user interface of ASWAQ6 back office modules. POS operators and cashiers usually possess basic education and need a systematic and error tolerant environment to work within.
In addition, the POS application should be designed to cop up with peaks in workload and have to offer milliseconds response time to assure customers of prompt service.
The Point of Sale system contains usefull actions and tools to help you carry out your business quickly & easily

Part of Point of Sale Options - Main Screen

Complete support to all POS Peripherals

ASWAQ6 supports all point of sales peripherals like slip printers, keyboards, cash drawers, customer displays, barcode readers and electronic scales. ASWAQ6 utilizes hardware level services, bypassing Windows graphic printing mechanisms, while printing sales receipts and barcode labels, to print in the highest speed possible by printers.

Numerous Time Saving Features

ASWAQ6 POS contains a rich set of time saving features including temporarily holding sales transactions, and repeating items or increasing sales quantities. It also support price inquiry, cash withdrawal and receipt, and controlled return of sales. The POS module supports multiple payment methods including credit and ATM cards, foreign currency payment, and credit sales.

Working Shifts and Cash Registers Management

A powerfull system for starting / ending shifts..

Shifts Manamement

ASWAQ6 POS contains a complete shift and cash drawer's management. The application keeps track of running and closed shifts, and provides means for entry and allocation of cash discrepancies per drawer and cash register.
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