ASWAQ6: Purchases & Vendors

The purchases module within ASWAQ6, like all the other system components, is featured with its flexibility and easiness, in entering and editing documents, with extensive reports covering all purchases activities.

Powerful and Effective Vendors File

This file contains adequate contact information on every vendor, in addition to full statistical figures about each vendor's purchases and returns for every financial period.

Sufficient Documents Covering All Purchases Activities

ASWAQ6 contains all the necessary documents covering the whole purchasing cycle including purchase Quotation, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, and Purchase Returns vouchers. These documents can be easily linked together in a chain that saves time and effort. For instance, while editing a purchase invoice, the user can easily recall a specific purchase order or quotation and ASWAQ6 will construct the invoice based on its upper document.
ASWAQ6 covers all purchasing activities with an integrated set of documents & actions

Part of Purchase Invoice

ASWAQ6 can operate with all known purchase document cycles, as it supports order-deliver-invoice, and order-invoice-deliver cycles. It can also automate delivery through carrying out proper inventory effect once an invoice is fed.

Flexible Representation for Importing and Extra Cost Allocation

ASWAQ6 hosts a flexible representation for importing operations. Users can easily allocate additional expenses onto a certain purchase transaction through a "direct cost voucher". ASWAQ6 will automatically distribute these allocated expenses on the imported items according to the quantity and price per unit with proper GL effects as well.
With ASWAQ6 you can control & manage the cost of your imported materials

Part of Direct Cost Voucher

Full Integration with Inventory and General Ledger Modules

Purchase documents are tightly integrated with the GL and inventory modules.
Purchase invoices may automatically generate stock receipt vouchers to carry out proper quantity and average cost effect. Furthermore, proper GL entries are constructed and posted automatically to reflect the effect of the purchase process on financial statements.
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