About Ajyal Information Systems

Ajyal Information Systems is an Arabian company that specializes in developing, serving, and promoting business management software. Ajyal aspires to improve the efficiency and profitability of businesses in the Middle East through a set of high quality ERP solutions and integrated accounting packages that are designed from the ground up with local business and local users' requirements in mind.

Ajyal Contact Information

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Here you will find enough information to contact or email any of Ajyal branches and offices in the Middle East. All Ajyal branches in the Persian Gulf area operate a morning, and an evening shift, while Ajyal Cairo branch adapts a one-shift working day. Details..

Ajyal Mission Statement

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Ajyal targets assisting local businesses in achieving there objectives, and aims for Arab countries to participate more actively in the field of information technology. Here you'll find the company's mission statement and objectives, in addition to a brief history of the company and the milestones it achieved in the past decade. Details..

Ajyal Software Development Strategy

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Ajyal adapts a well defined strategy and methodology for its development activities. This strategy is based on focus, specialization, and customer protection. Details..

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