Ajyal Software Development Strategy

Principles of Ajyal Software Development Strategy
Ajyal aims at improving the way business is run in the Arab area through high quality ERP and accounting software solutions that are designed and developed specifically for the Middle East. To achieve this target, Ajyal has adapted a clear strategy that guides its development process. Ajyal Strategy for software development is broadly based on four principles that clearly distinguish Ajyal from its competitors.

1- Specialization

ERP solutions or business software in general is fundamentally different from desktop applications and utilities. The development, maintenance, and support environment of applications that deal with the lifeline of businesses differ greatly in structure and requirements from applications like word processors and internet browsers. Ajyal recognizes this fact, and has specialized in developing and supporting business software only since its start. This attitude has enabled Ajyal to acquire and accumulate a tremendous amount of experience and know-how that relate to developing, supporting and maintaining business software. This experience is automatically transferred to our clients as we serve them, and at the same time "steers" Ajyal internal processes towards satisfying local business needs and requirements.

2- Continuous Development

Ajyal never seizes to develop its software. The development process is open-ended and always adapts the latest technologies and tools. Ajyal was one of the first local software houses to provide customers with applications that run under Microsoft Windows and one of the first software houses to adapt client/server computing in the Middle East. Furthermore, Ajyal stands today as the only software house that incorporates a built-in bi-lingual report designer in its products.

3- Clients Protection

Ajyal provides clear migration paths to protect its clients from technological obsolesce and guaranties them a proven upgrade strategy that safeguards their investment in IT solutions. Back in 1994, Ajyal upgraded all its clients from DOS to Windows, and in 2001 offered them all free upgrade from ASWAQ3 to ASWAQ4. Standing firmly behind this principle, Ajyal has every intention to continue providing its clients with cost-effective upgrade and migration paths to the future.

4- Clear Approach

Ajyal develops its software as "readymade" products and does not modify these products individually for each client! Although this approach might seem limiting from a functional point of view at first, a deeper understanding of how software development works shows that Ajyal approach lays a better foundation for quality and growth. Moreover, Ajyal develops its products specifically for local businesses in the Middle East so that users are assured their requirements are satisfied.

Advantages of Readymade Applications

Many clients regard readymade software applications with a great deal of skepticism fearing the product will not incorporate the functionality they require. What makes matters worse is that many software developers in our area offer "tailoring" services that aims at making products more suitable for a certain business by actively developing for that business. Clients are usually tempted to choose these "tailoring" services thinking it guarantees them all the functionality they need will be delivered. However, a deeper look into the software development process clearly shows that readymade software, if developed professionally, offers its clients more value and higher quality than what custom made or tailored software can offer. Read More..

Disadvantages of Readymade Applications

Readymade applications are not a magical solution that will fit all the needs of every business. Sometimes, the requirements of a certain business environment render software tailoring or customized applications a more appropriate approach.Read More..

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