Mission Statement of Ajyal Information Systems

Ajyal aims at improving the profitability and efficiency of local businesses through specialized business software that guides decision makers, and enhances users' productivity. Ajyal plays an active role in Software Technology, and aspires to elevate our region from technology consumption, to a more active role that contributes to global technology making.
In order to achieve these ambitious targets, Ajyal Adapts a strategy that includes producing high quality applications, to stand head -to-head with international products in quality and attention to fine details, while keeping focused on the needs and requirements of local users and businesses.
Ajyal recognizes the crucial role of customer service in the IT field, and considers after-sales service an integral part of its products. Through a network of branches and business partners, Ajyal is able to serve customers in all GCC states and Egypt, and plans to extend its services to cover all Arab countries.
Today, thousands of businesses rely on ASWAQ to run their operations effortlessly, while Ajyal re-aligns its efforts and investment to become the largest business software house in the Middle East, and to extend its reach to international frontiers. To achieve this aim, Ajyal stands firmly on the following simple foundation:

Milestones :

Established in 1989, Ajyal Information Systems was one of the pioneering business software producers in the Middle East.
Ajyal launches its first product - ASWAQ 1 - under DOS 1991
Ajyal opens its second branch in Kuwait 1993
Ajyal introduces ASWAQ3, one of the first Arabic enabled accounting applications under Windows 3.1 1994
Ajyal introduces the first, and only, built-in bilingual report designer for ASWAQ 1995
Ajyal opens 8 branches throughout GCC states and Egypt 2000
Ajyal launches ASWAQ4, with newer GUI and features, and upgrades all users at no extra fees 2001
Ajyal launches ASWAQ6, the most advanced, feature-rich business solution in our region 2004

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