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Ajyal In GITEX-Riyadh Exhibition

Riyadh : 2012-05-09

GITEX-Riyadh Exhibition, will start in Riyadh during the period from 21 to 24 May 2012.   Read it..

Ajyal Announces Release 75-895

Cairo : 2011-12-18

Ajyal Development Department announces the immediate availability of ASWAQ6 release 75-895.    Read it..

Ajyal Announces Release 74-893

Cairo : 2011-05-26

Ajyal Development Department announces the immediate availability of ASWAQ6 release 74-893.   Read it..

Ajyal Announces Release 74-892

Cairo : 2011-02-23

Ajyal Development Department announces the immediate availability of ASWAQ6 release 74-892.   Read it..

Ajyal participates in Infobase 2011 Tradeshow in Kuwait

Cairo : 2011-02-17

Infobase 2011 tradeshow ended in Kuwait,it took place between January 30th until February 3rd in the International Fair Ground in Meshref.    Read it..
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Articles & Interviews

A step in the cooperation between Ajyal Company for Information Systems and At Home Company for furniture.


Tamer Yassin: I find that ASWAQ6 program offers all the features offered by Oracle and SAP without any difference related to my work.
Tamer Yassin: I find that the program fulfills all my needs and it addresses any technical insufficiency that I am faced with.
Ajyal had this interview with Mr. Tamer Yassin the Financial Manager of At Home, specialized in trading office and home furniture.   Read it..

Ajyal In Cairo ICT Exhibition


Cairo ICT Exhibition, the main IT exhibition of Egypt, started today in Cairo. Ajyal participates in Cairo ICT Exhibition as it did last year. What the new products and services Ajyal will exhibit this year, and what are the plans installed for the next few years? To know the answers to these questions and more, read this interview ICT magazine editor held with Ameer Hussein; the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Ajyal Information Systems Group..   Read it..

Mirsal6: Your Remote Branches at Your Fingertips


The long awaited Mirsal6 is finally out! ASWAQ6 clients can now link their remote branches with reliability and efficiency without investing heavily in communication infrastructure.
In this interview, Ameer Hussein; Ajyal CTO, sheds light on Mirsal6 from a technical as well as usability point of view, drawing various comparisons between Mirsal6 and its predecessors and between Mirsal6 and remote desktop solutions & replication solutions. Read this interview to get an early insight on Mirsal6 internals.   Read it..

Why did Promotrade choose ASWAQ6?


Promotrade is a distinguished Egyptian wholesaler and retailer with many showrooms in and around Cairo. Promotrade also plans to expand with new outlets and branches in Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Hurghada. After a thorough research among international and local ERP solutions available to the Egyptian buyer, Promotrade took the correct decision and acquired ASWAQ6. Why did Promotrade choose ASWAQ6, and what are the impressions of users and decision makers now that the solution is being implemented? Read this interview with Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim, Promotrade's Chief Financial Officer to know the answers.   Read it..

Ajyal HelpDesk is Around the Corner!


Ajyal is about to release its HelpDesk; a web application dedicated to customer service. Through this site, Ajyal clients will finally enjoy many exiting new services. Clients can download latest releases of ASWAQ6 and ASWAQ5, and can interact with Ajyal developers through interactive and transparent requests for enhancements or wish lists. User will also be able to place and track issues with their service centers to troubleshoot their implementations or request help and assistance. In addition, Ajyal plans on providing a user forum for user to interact with each other in a free, friendly and transparent environment.   Read it..
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