A step in the cooperation between Ajyal Company for Information Systems and At Home Company for furniture.

cairo : 2011-2-17
Interviewer : ajyal
Guest : Tamer Yassin   [The Finacial Manager of At Home Company]

Tamer Yassin: I find that ASWAQ6 program offers all the features offered by Oracle and SAP without any difference related to my work.
Tamer Yassin: I find that the program fulfills all my needs and it addresses any technical insufficiency that I am faced with.
Ajyal had this interview with Mr. Tamer Yassin the Financial Manager of At Home, specialized in trading office and home furniture..
Tamer Yassin

Tamer Yassin

First of all, please tell us more about At Home Company and its establishment?
It's a company working in the trade of office and home furniture. Moreover it provides designs, decorations and home accessories. The company was established in 2002 and since then it became a pioneer in the field of office and home furniture in Kuwait. In addition to the different services that the company offers like free delivery charge, and also its possibility to store sold goods for up to 3 months without any return from the customers. Above all, the company offers free maintenance for 2 years. This makes At Home distinct and unique when compared to any other company in the field.
How many branches and employees does it have?
At Home's first branch was found in Kuwait in 2005. It worked on establishing its first branch in Egypt in the year 2007 and opened in 2008. More branches have been set up in different places in Egypt like Maadi, Nasr City and Alexandria. We are expecting to open four branches soon.
What is your job in the company and what is your experience?
I am the Financial Manager of At Home's Egypt branch. I have been working in the field of finance for 12 years , as I was hired as an accountant in Aqua Fina for mineral water for 7 years. Then, I worked for 3 years in a pharmaceutical company called El-Hekma and finally, I have been working for 2 years in At Home Company.
When did At Home contract with Ajyal to work on ASWAQ6 program?
Our company has been dealing with Ajyal and ASWAQ program since its establishment in Kuwait. Where Kuwait's branch worked with ASWAQ5 for more than 7 years, many advantages were found and the users were used to it by that time. As a result of the outstanding performance of Ajyal and the high quality of its products, At Home started using the updated version of the same program in its new branches which is ASWAQ6.
What did the program add to the company's management system?
ASWAQ6 programs has added a lot of features that helped us follow up our business efficiently as it provides reports for customers, suppliers, products, employees and final accounts reports in a good manner. This is in addition to its ability to convert the program into English and providing reports in both languages.
Have you dealt with ERP systems before using ASWAQ6?
Yes, we used Oracle and SAP programs.
What is the difference between SAP and Oracle and ASWAQ6?
In my point of view, ASWAQ6 provides all the advantages that these programs offer without any difference. ASWAQ6 is characterized by its flexibility and it is easily used by the users with its simple screens.
Does the after sale services provided by Ajyal satisfy your needs?
Until this moment we didn't face any problems with the maintenance of ASWAQ program. Also, their technical support is always available for us, even if the maintenance contracts are expired, they give us a grace period.
Do the versions provided by Ajyal satisfy your needs as a customer?
I believe that Ajyal in its versions takes care of factories more than corporate enterprises. When I am told about a new version I take what is suitable for my work only.
Interviewr's Comment:
Certainly, we are now working on developing the system to serve factories, but recently we are planning to take care of the Commercial companies sector and so wait for our new versions in this sector specifically.
Have you ever faced any problems using ASWAQ6?
I didn't face any problems other than not being able to adjust the purchase orders . Other than that the program is smoothly used by the company.
Your request will be sent to the department responsible.
Now and after using ASWAQ6, what are the reasons that proved that your vision of choosing the program was correct?
I found that the program fulfilled all our needs and it solves any technical insufficiency. So, we are seeking now to unify the database in the headquarters in Kuwait with ASWAQ6 program.
At Home's official website: http://athome-furniture.com
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