Ajyal Custom-made Business Management Software

Ajyal has developed many custom-tailored software packages for local businesses in the Middle East, and possesses wide experience in this field; experience that is obtained through years of interaction with thousands of users in different Arab counties.
In addition, Ajyal custom-tailored products share the same high-tech infra structure with Ajyal readymade application, automatically empowering these tailored programs with bi-lingual, Arabic & English, user interface and an advanced report designer.

SAP-ASWAQ gateway

SAP-ASWAQ gateway (SQG)
SAP-ASWAQ gateway or SQG in short is an application Ajyal has developed for ABB Arabia and is in active use since 2000 and until today.
ABB Arabia is a subsidiary of ABB international and specializes in manufacturing electricity generation and transmission equipment. ABB Arabia uses the internationally recognized ERP solution SAP /R3 to run its business in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. SAP, although a capable ERP solution, does not support the Arabic language, a basic legal requirement for manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia. For two years, ABB Arabia used ASWAQ in parallel to SAP /R3 to satisfy Saudi legal requirements. However, data was being entered twice, in SAP /R3 and ASWAQ. In 2000, Ajyal developed for ABB Arabia, a "gateway" application that automatically "migrates" and arabizes SAP raw English books to ASWAQ database. The entire operation takes place with little human interaction, saving ABB Arabia significant time and cost. ABB Arabia still uses SQG today.


Etimadco is a leading exchange and transfer company in Kuwait, similar in functions and operations to Western Union. Etimadco has many branches in and around Kuwait city and plans to expand into neighboring countries.
In 2003, Ajyal developed a custom application for Etimadco called "exchanger" that assists Etimadco core business and links its offices and locations with cost effective dial-up connectivity.
Etimadco has used Exchanger since it was delivered in 2003 and until today.

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