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Ajyal Information Systems is an Arabian company that specializes in developing and serving Arabic ERP solutions and Arabic business management software like accounting and inventory management programs. Ajyal aims at improving the efficiency and profitability of local business in the Arab countries and the Middle East through high quality business software suites that assist decision makers and users to run their business effortlessly and effectively. Here you may browse through all products and services Ajyal offers. You can always contact us for more details or for a live demonstration.

ASWAQ6: The Best Arabic ERP Solution in the Middle East

ASWAQ6 Package Box
ASWAQ6 is an ERP solution or Business Management Software that was designed exclusively to serve Arab users and decision makers. With a rich set of features and functions, ASWAQ6 covers the needs of local businesses and empowers decision makers to take the right decisions in managing their business. With its unique user interface, it provides a convenient and productive environment where users can manage business information effectively and effortlessly. Read More..

ASWAQ5: The Most Powerful Integrated Accounting Software for Arab Users

ASWAQ5 Package Box
In 1995, Ajyal introduced ASWAQ3 as one of the best and most prominent Arabic Accounting Applications under Windows. Today ASWAQ5 stands as the natural evolution of that successful product with complete support for the latest operating systems and hardware. ASWAQ5 build on the enormous success of its ancestors; ASWAQ3 and ASWAQ4 and on a successful long term relationship between its developers and users for over a decade of enhancing and improving.
ASWAQ5, the integrated Arabic accounting program, contains all the functionality required by small business in the Persian Gulf area in one high quality integrated software. Read More..

Ajyal Custom-made Business Management Software

Ajyal has developed many custom-tailored software packages for local businesses in the Middle East, and possesses wide experience in this field; experience that is obtained through years of interaction with thousands of users in the Arab counties. Many of Ajyal custom-built solutions are on active duty today.
Ajyal adapts a clear strategy in developing its software; a strategy that is based on technical excellence, integrity and transparency. You may read more information about some of Ajyal custom-made software packages here..

ERP Software and Integrated Accounting Applications Services

Ajyal recognizes there is a fundamental difference between desktop application and ERP solutions or business software in general -Like ASWAQ6 and ASWAQ5- and also recognizes that Arab states should participate more actively in the fast evolving field of information technology if they are to assume a position in the global world of today.
For these reasons, Ajyal considers training and technical services an integral part of its products and invests heavily in this area to improve the profitability and efficiency of local business in the Arab world.
The services Ajyal provide to its customers are tightly linked to its products and covers the entire lifecycle of business management software including pre-sales services, training, implementation, and technical support. You may find more information about the services Ajyal offers and provides here..

Ajyal Non-commercial Products

Ajyal has developed some applications for its own internal use or for use by its clients for the sole purpose of improving the services it provides. These products are not offered for a price, but used -free of charge- by Ajyal own staff and customers to improve the communication between developers, support professionals and users. These products include web applications and internet enabled applications that are tightly integrated with Ajyal website. You may get an idea about these applications here..

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