Ajyal Non-commercial Products

Ajyal has developed some applications for its own internal use or for use by its clients for the sole purpose of improving the services it provides. These products are not offered for a price, but used –free of charge- by Ajyal own staff and customers to improve the communication between developers, support professionals and users.

Ajyal HelpDesk

Ajyal has developed a web application to assist in following up the technical support activities it provides for its customers. This web application is used by users and Ajyal Staff alike. In addition, Ajyal management uses the same application to monitor and measure the quality of the services in provides. Ajyal helpdesk is hosted in Ajyal website and offers clients products update, issue tracking, enhancements requests, bug reports, in addition to a users forum.

AjyalVNC Remote Support Application

AjyalVNC is a modified version of realVNC that Ajyal enhanced to be more suitable to central remote support rather than a generic tool for remote using. AjyalVNC is used by technical support professionals operating in Ajyal service centers to remotely use clients' computers. AjyalVNC saves Ajyal and its clients' valuable time and improves the response time required to address and troubleshoot issues that face users. The enhancements Ajyal added to realVNC includes:
AjyalVNC is delivered free of charge for all ASWAQ users.

Ajyal CRM

Ajyal CRM is a web application that is used internally by Ajyal own staff and management to handle and track customers records. It offers service and contact information to all Ajyal staff through Ajyal website.

Ajyal Development Tools:

Ajyal has developed many development tools for use by its own software developers. Some of these tools are mentioned below:

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