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Ajyal recognizes there is a fundamental difference between ERP solutions and accounting & business software on one side, and desktop application and utilities on the other side. For business software to succeed, the quality of the product itself should be accompanied by similar high quality services to maximize the benefits of the products.
The services Ajyal provide to its customers are tightly linked to its products and cover the entire lifecycle of business management software including pre-sales services, training, implementation, and technical support. Ajyal delivers these services through various channels including many internet enabled and online applications.

Implementation & Consultants Services

Implementation and consultants services include business process analysis and engineering or re-engineering. Ajyal studies the clients' business nature, cycles and procedures in order to pinpoint deficiencies and shortcomings. Business process engineers layout suitable solutions, procedures, and workflow to address the business activities as implemented in Ajyal software solutions.
Ajyal provides these services primarily as a pre-sale activity in order to propose a sound solution, and then these solutions are elaborated in the implementation phase early in the solution lifecycle. Business process engineers are sometimes called upon during live run to address an emerging or changing business need as well.

Training Services

Ajyal offers a wide range of training courses and material to its clients and users. These courses extend from basic introductory training, to extensive module-oriented training courses and workshops. In addition to user training, Ajyal provides implementers and IT administrators advanced technical training courses as well. Training courses are usually conducted in Ajyal offices in well-equipped training facilities.
Training services are usually required during the implementation phase, but are also needed when new employees join in.

Technical Support Services

Ajyal customers are eligible for technical support services to help them address and deal with emerging or new situation, and to assist in troubleshooting and in lengthy fiscal operations. Ajyal delivers technical support services via telephone, fax, remote using, online services, and onsite visits. To improve the quality of its services, Ajyal has developed a few tools and application.
Technical support services are provided once a client starts his live run. These services are usually provided via a warrantee or service agreement with Ajyal, or against a pre-defined fee.

Upgrade and Migration Services

Upgrading clients is a firm policy and tradition that Ajyal adheres to seriously. All clients in warrantee period or covered by a service agreement are eligible for upgrade to the latest versions Ajyal offers. Ajyal issues several releases of its products each year; these releases contain fixes to discovered bugs, in addition to customer oriented enhancements and additions. Users can download and install these upgrades themselves, or they may request technical support assistance to do so.
Upgrade services are provided to clients within their warrantee period, or those covered by a service agreement.

Report Design Services

Ajyal products contain an advanced bi-lingual report designer that can be used to modify existing reports or even to add new ones. Professional users can use this report designer to add and modify reports as they please. However, designing reports is a highly technical matter that requires knowledge of databases and data structures; knowledge and skill a few users possess. Ajyal provides its clients with report design services to assist them in producing the reports their business requires and demands.
Report design services are usually provided during implementation phase and during live run as well. Ajyal uses time-billing to charges for report design services.

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